Summary of Terms

Summary of Terms

Emma Pearce provides Go Dogs! Dog Walking, Home Boarding and Other Pet Care Services. Home dog boarding is licensed by CWAC and was issued on 27/04/2015. Insurance covering all of our services is provided by Petplan Sanctuary Insurance. (Policy Number IS50074601). A copy of both license and insurance policy are available to view at the premises of Go Dogs!

Dog Home Boarding

  • Dogs will be boarded at my home address as part of the family pets accompanied by Monty – the Golden Doodle.
  • No dog registered under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 will be boarded.
  • For Welfare purposes no puppy under 6 months of age will be boarded.
  • Un-neutered dogs and unsprayed bitches will be accepted at discretion – depending on individual circumstance.
  • Dogs will be boarded at a maximum of 4 at any time which includes the resident family dog.
  • Dogs will only be boarded socially at the consent of ALL owners.
  • All dogs will be vaccinated, flea treated and where appropriate wormed.
  • It is recommended that dogs are vaccinated for Kennel Cough at the owners’ discretion.
  • The dogs will be kept within the home environment and will not be kept outside without supervision.
  • Socially boarded dogs will have adequate separation space as required.
  • Owners must provide food and bedding for each individual dog.
  • Treats and toys can also be provided where appropriate.
  • Boarding dogs bedding will be machined washed after 3 days or once per week as applicable.
  • Food, leads, etc will be cleared labelled and will be securely stored.
  • Dogs will only be bathed, washed as appropriate to do so and at no extra cost.
  • Go Dogs! can provide towels, bedding and feeding bowls if required – all being cleansed after every use.
  • Go Dogs! uses environmentally friendly methods to dispose of animal waste and environmentally and pet friendly cleaning and grooming products as appropriate to do so.
  • All bedding, grooming materials and household materials will be treated monthly and as appropriate with a veterinary approved flea treatment.
  • A fully stocked animal first aid kit is available on the premises and local vets are supportive of Go Dogs! and offer 24 hour access as appropriate.
  • The personal vet for Go Dogs! Is Vets4Pets Chester. Petplan Sanctuary does not require us to seek pre-approval should any dog need immediate attention from a vet.
  • Emma, will always be present to look after the boarding dogs; they will not be left unattended for a period of more than three hours at a time.
  • Dogs will be kept separated when unattended as appropriate. During the stay all dogs wear an additional tag with the name address and telephone number of Go Dogs! for extra security.
  • Every attempt will be made by Go Dogs! to avoid cancelling a booking, this however cannot be avoided in the event of Family Emergency, or resident dog being ill and at risk of infectious disease. Go Dogs! is not liable for any cost incurred by this cancellation and every effort will be made to adhere to the booking using the premises licensed.
  • Petplan Sanctuary Insurance will provide cover for all boarding dogs in the event of illness or injury incurred during the stay. The owner will remain responsible for all treatment during a stay which is from an existing illness or injury or as advised by the vet. Go Dogs! will happily take your dog to the vet during their stay without additional cost.

Dog Walking

  • All new dogs will be assessed to ensure requirements are understood and bonds built with the dog.
  • Go Dogs! are covered by Petplan Sanctuary Insurance for public liability, care custody and control;  home access and key cover.
  • Go Dogs! walking services includes, poop bags, clean towels for drying off, treats if appropriate and a commitment to walk your dog in a manner and location of which you approve.
  • Your dog may be walked socially with one or more dogs unless you require your dog to be walked individually. Like minded dogs/breeds or well socialised neutered dogs will be mixed for walks and exercise and no more than 4 per dog walker at any time.
  • Leads and collars can be provided upon request but dogs own collars and leads are preferred
  • All dogs must be vaccinated and dog walkers are required to maintain impeccable hygiene within each house and with each dog.
  • If a dog is deemed to show aggressive behaviour towards other dogs or people, Go Dogs! reserve the right to withdraw dog walking services until appropriate behavioural action is taken.
  • If a dog is aggressive or bites another dog or human it will be reported to the CWAC Environmental Health as a matter of caution.

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